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Hollywood Director Defends Trump’s Tax Reform With Pure Common Sense

As we all know the paradigm on the left is that everything Trump/Republican = Bad. It just is. Trump could end world hunger, find the cure for aids, achieve world peace. And yet the left will still find something to criticize.

Like little spoiled brats, they do it out of spite… In come the Trump Tax cuts! A monumental achievement which every sensible person agrees is very good for everyone.

Heck even Liberals agree the plan is great, provided you trick them into thinking it’s Bernie’s as shown in the video below by Ami Horowitz:

See how preposterous and irrationally driven the left really is?

Well, apparently some chinks in the left’s armor of absurdity are starting to form. Even they cannot be totally oblivious to reality forever, as can be seen by people of prominence in Hollywood, the liberal mecca of insanity, speak positively about Trump’s tax cuts. Namely renowned Hollywood director Ridley Scott.

As reported via Yes I’m Right:

Liberals are begrudgingly starting to admit that President Trump knows what he’s doing. Renowned Hollywood director Ridley Scott recently explained that the new Republican tax plan will transform our country.

“Well, let’s take the tax bill,” Scott said during an interview.

“People say (Republicans) are doing it for the wealthy class. What they forget is if you get a clever, un-selfish business person—I don’t care if it’s a corner store or a big business—who’s suddenly saving 15 percent, they’ll put it back in this business.”

“Then you’re going to get growth and therefore (people) will get employed,” Scott said.

“My concern is with the elderly, the infirm and the youth who need to have chances and shots for every level, and equality in education. But you have to use it. You have to get your (expletive) head down and use it.”

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Source(s): Yesimright.comWashington Free Beacon

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