President Trump Slams Obama For Supporting Brutal Iranian Regime

President Trump once again unapologetically says what needed to be said, and the left are losing their minds over it.

As you know during the 2009 popular uprising by the people of Iran against their brutal and oppressive Islamic regime, then president Obama said that it is an internal matter and that the U.S. should stay out of Iranian affairs.

Of course when the same scenario presented itself in Egypt, Obama blatantly took the side of the Muslim Brotherhood in the toppling of then Egyptian president and U.S. ally Mubarak. You see a pattern forming here?

In fact Obama has gone out of his way it seems to prop up Iran’s evil radical Islamic regime, giving them a pathway to a nuclear weapon, and removing sanctions which lead to the flow of large quantities of CASH straight into the pockets of the corrupt Islamist dictators in Iran.

Well now that the people of Iran are rising up against their oppressors once again, and this time with President Trump’s support and approval, our president has made sure to state publicly and for the record what an absolute failure and a disaster Obama has been with regards to Iran in a new Tweet:

From Washington Examiner

President Trump on Tuesday tweeted out his support for Iranians who are protesting their “corrupt” government regime, and said President Obama is partly to blame for paying hundreds of millions of dollars to the regime before leaving office.

His message was similar to his Monday tweet, which said the U.S. “foolishly” gave Iran $33 billion in aid over the last 15 years. President Obama also approved a $1.7 billion payout to Iran in three cash installments as part of a deal to release four U.S. hostages. (read more)

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Source(s): Washington Examiner / Truthfeednews.com

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